New Layout

The website got a whole new and shiny style! we made a few cool changes to preserve consistency and keep the site super fancy, but also modern and sleek! With all new icons, animations. And guess what, ding dong!


You know, frick other blogs. We are now on! Isn't this basically the best thing ever? I agree.

This blog will contain ANY kind of news related to miki which includes

  • API
  • Bot
  • Website


Finally they are here. The web leaderboards, you can check the Miki global reputation, experience, command usage and, meko leaderboards. What's more is you can check local leaderboards!

A quick and simple example of accessing the global leaderboards for your meko collection is here!

You can view the index of the leaderboards here

and to access a local guild's (server's) leaderboard you simply add its ID like so:

The example above is the Miki support server's currency leaderboard.
Go wild.

The full list of leaderboard links:

Thank you for checking out the Miki update logs. Much love and care goes into making these
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