Big update, big prizes. New stuff all over, sadly a lot of time was wasted on things not worth mentioning (e.g. new message queue tech, and such) but here is the new Miki 0.6.1 release. I hope you all will love her even more!

✨ New

  • divorce and declinemarriage have been reworked to be more comfortable to decline people with.
  • exp [alias: experience]: Get a visual profile card for your current global experience
  • editprofile: You can now customize your image profile, and add some more detail to yourself!
  • syncavatar: We brought back syncavatar with a blazing fast new API!

😞 Removed

  • Overwatch API has been removed because of the API used no longer being actively maintained as of right now.

⚙️ Fixed

  • avatar: Will no longer only showing guild avatar
  • blackjack: You now automatically win if you draw twenty-one on start.
  • blackjack: Miki needs more than a score of seventeen to win blackjack.
  • blackjack: Draws are now in favor of Miki, as blackjack rules notate.
  • createpasta is no longer allowing discord invite URLs.
  • gambling verification messages will no longer crash the command if Miki has no - Manage Messages.
  • iamlist will no longer crash if the role has been deleted.
  • setnotifications no longer cares about casing.
  • voting on DiscordBots voting works again!

Thank you for checking out the Miki patch logs. Much love and care goes into making these!
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