Yes, so. Miki has had a rough patch. We've all noticed this. And what's happening in the next few months is a lot of refactoring and reworking of the side systems to fit better with Miki.

But new features are planned too, have no fear. Here's a quick summed up version of what's coming in the next 3 months.

The Quality of life update

A lot of things have been removed or reworked to work with the current new miki architecture. New systems will be set in place to allow for easier navigation between things.

Reworks on localization

To create an easier system related to issues, localization will be made more expandible. This will include translation for various components and potential abstractions.

Bug fixes

A handful of commands still do not work they way they are expected to work, and these are planned to be fixed and/or reworked.

Twitch intergration

A seperate 'Miki lite' will come to twitch, which will sync your twitch usage and discord usage.

Dashboard Alpha

A first version of our dashboard will be released in this season, allowing basic settings to be set up through a webpage instead of those iffy commands.

New commands, ofcourse!

I'm always working on new silly commands, and these will also be released over the span of the next season. Be on the watch for them!

Well, that's about it. I know all of these are very small and have little detail, but the idea of this post it to show you in bullet points about what is planned to come! Interested in this season? Consider keeping up to date by subscribing to the blog, following us on twitter, or joining the miki discord. More info found below!

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