Over the last month, Miki's architecture grew a whole lot; And I wanted to prove that I was not dead, but rather working on a lot of small, but pain stakingly long tasks.

I normally plan to create a new major Miki update every month or so, and minor updates in meantime; but, a lot of small improvements piled up and created this massive list of improvements you might not have noticed in the backend.

  • Architecture
    • I've improved Miki's capabilities as a multi-server bot (meaning multiple computers run the code now instead of one).
    • The systems related to managing microstructures have completely been rewritten, we now manage many of Miki's services outside of the features in miki outside of miki herself. This will mean services like lottery, reminders, and rewards will no longer depend on if Miki is online or not.
  • GitHub
    • I've released over 5 new libraries/applications for developers to consume and updated 4 already existing libraries.
    • The web services are mostly open source now, this allows you to copy and deploy them for your bot too.
  • Miki Framework
    • Command systems have been improved and proven more useful when extensibility and performance are the top priority.
  • Miki
    • I've fixed the pasta issues, they will be released in a minor update together with most architecture changes.
    • Most minor issues you guys have been facing are resolved with some black magic
    • Image rendering issues with custom colors was resolved which marks the profile card beta to an potential end.
    • Voting, donating, and patron events are being moved to a whole new app that interfaces with the new API layer. (read below): This means that I will be able to bugfix this without turning off the bot in case of issues again.
    • New experimental features has been added to Miki to give guilds more of a reason to collect and use dailies/weeklies.
  • Miki API
    • I've written a discord API layer, to securely do bot related things from other miki structures which do not need a token given.
  • Miki Twitch(?!)
    • Miki has gotten a sister, which will be soon released. Miki Twitch will be a smaller version of herself, that will bind your twitch and discord accounts through Miki herself, and allows you to sync, earn and gamble currencies everywhere!

Again, I'm sorry for the delay; but I care for miki in the greater picture other than creating fun features. This means that a priority for me is to make it easier for me to create the features than to actually create them.

I can understand if you disagree as a user, but I do not plan to change this as I want Miki to become something I can look at and edit on the fly, without miki having to go down any longer than a max of 20 seconds.

This post was purely created as an open letter to show I haven't been sitting on my arse and collecting patreon money.