At every journey of a project there's a point where you feel stuck, clamped down and wondering if you will ever come back from this; 2018 was this year for Miki. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, and massive measurements were taken to not have this happen again.

To start off 2019 with a blast I would like to announce a few things. This is still a bot update, but I will also highlight all the changes I have made to make 2019 feel like a new, completely reworked Miki.


The Miki versioning always felt iffy to myself. Nobody really understood why the bot wasn't finished yet, and I myself felt the same. At some point I was never happy with it to call it '1.0', and this clearly showed in the design aspect.

To fight this I have changed the versioning to YEAR.Release. This means that yearly we restart the counter of releases and consider it a new YEAR for Miki as a whole.

New Brand

As you may have noticed, Miki has a new brand logo. This will not replace the avatar, but will help identifying anything related to Miki as a system.


As you may have noticed in the last few months, the bot itself has also gained a lot of changes design wise. I wanted to make her more personal; more 'me'. So I did. I spent an awful lot of money on a professional art design and final image, which has been released as her avatar now.


I hope you like it as much as I do, and hope to see the bot turn into much, much more!

Patreon goals

As you might think there's a lot of work that used to come from patreon, every month you were able to get a custom command in this bot, but as Miki kept growing, the demand for it increases, and more and more people wanted it. This eventually stressed me out as my responses got slower and slower for them. I removed all rewards apart from the Miki+ tier so that I can focus on key features for the bot in 2019, and do not have to worry about any requests that are not fully backed by the community.

Even though the patreon has been going down by 60%. I think that this is the time to call it even and make the price more fair to $3/key. You can pledge more, and you will get an extra key for every $3 total spent.

Bot changes

I have not posted a big update like this for a whole time, so I will spare you most of the details. But I will give a general idea of what has changed over the time.


command: cancelmarriage [number]
Cancel your own marriage proposals from now on with this command, it works exactly like divorce or declinemarriage.

command: guildhouse
Your discord server now has a guild house. Upgrade it to gain more rewards for your guild!

command: guildbank
With a shared pool of money, you can now func your guild upgrades. use guildbank deposit <amount> to fund your guild.
NOTE: money can not be withdrawn.

command: sellkey <key>
Just as >redeemkey, sellkey means you will get a set amount of mekos for it (currently: 30,000).

subcommand: setnotifications levelups
As fixes for systems that used to exist rolled in, I've added more configurable options for miki too. use this command to either enable or disable achievement notifications in a channel.


  • Levelling achievements are functional again.
    note: Levelling achievements now work on LOCAL level, not global level.
  • Miki will now properly respond if she has no Link Embeds permission
  • Mekos show formatted and are easier to read in almost all occasions now.
  • pasta creation can now have spaces by using speech tags around it ("like this")
  • pasta creation no longer allows @everyone or @here.
  • prune now allows for a word filter, and has been cleaned up for more performance.
  • roll formatting for advanced rolls was improved
  • ship and exp commands are now faster (up to 100 times).
  • slots has been made more fair as a game mode.
  • urban now automatically links related definitions

Nerd stuff

  • Over a hundred commits to /mikibot/*
  • 20-30 issues closed on github
  • 120+ bugs splatted

Thank you for checking out the Miki patch logs. Much love and care goes into making these!
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