Oh no... Miki has had a rough summer, we all know this. But here are the changes from the last month.

✨ New

  • command system: rewritten to be more performant and more extendable
  • kick, ban, softban: moderation reasons are now stored in the audit log!
  • many many changes in the custom discord library!

⚙️ Fixed

  • avatars are updated again!
  • ban: works again!
  • declinemarriage: has been reworked to fit the new system!
  • divorce: has been reworked to fit the new system!
  • getanime/manga/character: no longer takes only one word.
  • gif: works again!
  • img: works again!
  • kick: works again!
  • showproposals: now has paged results!
  • softban: works again!
  • urban: works again!

Thank you for checking out the Miki patch logs. Much love and care goes into making these!
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