Hey everyone! How are you doing? I'm doing great! I'm here to show you guys the new website and wanted to go over a handful of new features! Over the past year this project has been in progress, and as you can see; it definitely paid off!

The new landing page

As you can see here; the design changed drastically. From a very colourful and chaotic page, to a more snappy, and polished in design, and branding. New playful patterns to allure your eyes with, and ofcourse a professional looking welcoming page for new users to feel the quality I strive for with the bot.

Performance in mind

Performance metrics from Google Chrome audits.

Everything is designed with performance in mind, Miki's website is a million times faster! When providing you with Miki related content, the limit I'd set is to have the website be visible within 500 milliseconds for the user. This was a very high milestone to reach, but goals are made to be met!

Commands accessible

Not everyone knows about the lovely >help command. Which is worrying ofcourse. This way more people will know everything about Miki whenever they need it!

New search features

Thank you for checking out another Miki update blog post. Much love and care goes into making these!

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