A lot of interesting things have happened for this month and a lot of things have yet to come. However, at some point we should write about the new changes in Miki again! So let's go through them!

Reddit integration

Since this month Miki has a new command >reddit. With this command you can fetch information from all kinds of subreddits. A few examples contain items such as: news items, gaming posts, anime, and memes, all the memes.

Example of using the reddit command.

Something like this can be used to keep up to date with new posts in your community, or even to browse through your favourite posts without leaving the discord app!

By the way, we have our own subreddit, come check it out sometimes!


Upon heavy request for a new game to play, there was a new game added which is called lottery! This command basically splits a big pool of mekos and lets one lucky guy win the entire pot. You can use it as following; use the command >lottery to view the current session!

To participate in the game, use the command >lottery buy 1, this will allow you to buy 1 lottery ticket for 100 mekos. And gives you a little chance to win!

Updated website

The website has gotten another touch-up and looks greater than it ever has been! Please do give it a visit!

A preview of the new miki.ai website

One last announcement!

There are two announcement streams now on the Miki Discord, one for features when they release; and one for a monthly newsletter like this. Please choose whichever you prefer for your use case.

announcements, which is the default latest news stream, and now added: whats-new which will allow you to get a monthly post instead of random intervals!

If you're no longer on the server, here's an invite to the Miki server: https://discord.gg/39Xpj7K

I'm really happy with the current development streams for Miki, and I hope I can give you guys bigger news soon! We're working on some good stuff, which takes a bit longer in meantime!

Thank you for enjoying Miki.

If you read all of it, have one of my favourite songs of march!