MiScript 2.0 release

A massive feature drops for Miki in June. We fully realized the MiScript. Whereas previously, it was more of a prototype. If you want to read more in-depth about the new features; be sure to check out the wiki page explaining everything!

A good idea of what we added is arrays, objects, loops, functions, range operations, math operations, better errors/warnings, more context, guild-based storage, and so much more!

Here's a demo of our custom commands guess-the-number game! :)

Miki wiki rework

The new Wiki has more guides than you ever have seen before! We doubled down on the amount of guides and the information hub now gives you information about everything related to Miki!

Reworked help command

We made the help command more accessible by adding more of a handheld experience. To find out about either modules and commands you can do >help actions or >help hug and get specifically information about that command or modules!

Reworked weekly command

The weekly command received a healthy dose of rework and has been rebuilt to have the same level of quality as you are used to in Miki! From now on it is more helpful when you cannot get your weekly yet!

Real big improvements this month for Miki! I want to put in a special thanks for Gerard, Exsersewo, and Drummss for taking up these tasks while I was busy with my Exams! More great stuff is peeking on the landscape. But for now that's all!

Thank you for enjoying Miki.