Before we talk about the updates on Miki. I would like to take a moment and talk about some issues in the world. Even though we're just a simple Discord bot, there must be something we could do. Therefore, all profits from this month have been donated to the bail project to ensure that people who are actively involved in protests can be bailed out. It's not much, but I feel this is the least we could do.

If you are able to support this cause, please do consider donating. Here's a link to the charity we chose for our donation:

To start this article, mostly only fixes and improvements have been happening this month. No new features, however here's a list of the fixes!

⚙ Fixes

Achievement notifications work again.
Achievement names are now localized and can be shown in different languages.
Achievements that were broken have mostly been fixed.
Achievements on your profile now shows all achievements unlocked instead of the highest achievement in the list.
List locales now links to our new translations website
Notification settings are working again for level ups and achievements

📊 Improvements

Lottery now starts with a pot of 10,000 mekos instead of none.
Blackjack no longer shows a loading screen when setting up.

That's all folks, quiet month, but a busy one for sure. More updates in next month's release for sure. We've been working on a metric boat ton. Thanks for sticking with Miki.

If you read all of it, have one of my favourite songs of may!